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XPx64 vs Vista64

What is the best 64 bit OS for FSX ?
Vista x64
 80%  [ 4 ]
XP x64
 20%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 5
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airwolfe Trainee

I am currently using Vista 64 Ultimate with FSX. I am just not a real big fan of Vista so far, and I have tried to keep an open mind. I was thinking about switching to XPx64... the only reason I need the 64 version is because of the 8 gig ram in my machine. Opinions on either setup ? I have verified that my TH2GO will work just fine with XPx64 ... I know FSX will... I know my Saitek yoke, pedals, throttle will... now I haven't checked on my GoFlight modules, but I suspect the will.

So, if you have a horror story I want to hear it... not experience it. 😉

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kin3 Trainee

I voted Vista64 because that is what I have. The only problem is with TileProxy and a thumbnail program. The problem is with simconnect. This is no big thing. Vista64 is the OS for the future so I will not go back. Future games will be made to take advantage of it's features. My two cents.

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