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Just checked my logbook entries and all the dates are wrong, the logbbok is 4 days behind. Yet when i set up a flight the time and date are correct as shown on my watch and the computers clock etc. Any ideads as to why this happens. Tried a search but only found post's on corruptrd logbooks, but mine logs everything ok but just 4 days behind.


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Cant you edit it? Yes you can try it

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I got tired of the errors in the log book and now track all of my flights on Zulu logs free on line pilots log. Their free version is far better than the FSX log and lets you track all sorts of things. The bonus is you don't lose all your flight times if you need to uninstall and reinstall FSX. I used to use a paper log and found FSX was often off in dates, times, and hours. Check out Zulu Log and don't worry about using FSX's.

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