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AIV to launch on 11/14/2008 and Now Hiring Staff

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HOUSTON, September. 23/ -- Executive Staff at Atlantic International Virtual are pleased to announce finally plans to operate its North America Domicile out of Boston, MA (KBOS) which will commence operations on Friday, November 14, and serve up to dozen cities worldwide with the Embraer 170, Boeing 737-800, 757-200 and 767-300 aircraft.

Preparations at Pegasus Simulations, Inc (PSI) the parent company of Atlantic International Virtual (AIV) have been progressing at full throttle in preparation for an on-time arrival to the Flight Simulation Community. The executive staff has been working furiously in order to assure an on-time opening, set scheduled for the 4rd quarter of 2008.
Our Legal Department has received PSI articles of corporation from the Secretary of State in Texas. "We just received approval by the government to act as a legal entity as a nonprofit organization", said Robert Sayles, PSI and AIV's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. PSI and AIV will continue to build its relationship with our virtual world counterpart. Our Executive Management has been working closely with our legal team to finalize our legal terms for our web site. We are now planning another meeting with our legal team at the end of August to finalize our Technology intentions.

PSI has hired a plethora of experienced staff ranging from real world airline employees, including dispatchers and pilots, experienced web site designers, and experienced Virtual Airline staff, proving we are committed to a professional and enjoyable learning environment for any pilot who joins.

Furthermore, PSI and AIV is in the process of developing its own ACARS system, which will be utilized in tandem with a revolutionary dispatch center, overseen by our virtual dispatchers. We are hoping to have that system fully functioning by the 3st quarter of 2009. Atlantic International Virtual will offer its members the most updated technology and enhanced award and recognition system.

"We are still in the progress on hiring more executive and operations staff", said Robert Sayles., Pegasus Simulations, Inc., and Chief Executive Officer. We are pleased to announce few of our current staff and Board of Directors are real world airline employees. We will continue to search and bring on committed professional staff members, both real world airline employees and flight simulation aviation enthusiasts alike. Below are the following positions that are still available for hire:

Senior Director, Human Resource Services / SDHRS
Senior Director, Member Relations / SDMR
Senior Director, Brand Management / SDBM
Director, Corporate Communications / DCC
Senior Director, Information Technology / SDIT
Senior Director, Flight Operations / SDFO
Virtual Airline Operations Manager
Virtual Dispatchers
Regional Manager, Member Relations / RMMR
Regional Manager, Online Events / RMOE
Domicile Manager / DM
Chief Pilot / CP
Senior Director, Flight Standards
Senior Director, Fleet Development and Enhancement
Manager, Fleet Development
Director, Scenery Development
Check Airman
Flight Instructors

If you are interested in a staff position, email us at and someone will be in contact with you. The only requirement is a love of aviation and a willingness to help others. Our new web site is in the process of being constructed. Our current URL ( may be down from time to time due to this construction. In the mean time, PSI and AIV can be contacted via (

Pegasus Simulations, Inc. was found in November 2006 by a few real world airline employees that wanted to enhance flight simulation to the next level and after doing some research and few meetings PSI was created. Pegasus Simulations, Incorporated (PSI) is a nonprofit hobby organization that assists Virtual Airlines to create an environment which individuals can experience, learn, and have fun while conducting basic and advanced piloting skills using Microsoft flight simulation software. Pegasus Simulations, Inc. is the parent company of Atlantic International Virtual Airline a virtual airline based on the concept of the real world airlines operations. PSI is supported by a team of real airline employees and aviation enthusiasm looking to give flight simulations fans a taste of real world airline operations.

Pegasus Simulations, Inc. Corporate Communications

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