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I have recieved a copy of "Flight Simulator X" however the game asked me to activated it...So I checked out "Fly away simulation" site and somebody had posted a Product Key.

The game accepted it, however it automatically contacted to a microsoft server to make sure it works or not...NOW IM REALLY SCARED 😞

The server accepted the key and window poped up that said "Congradulations, you have successfully activated Flight Simulator X on your pc". The game works great with no problem...however im worried about...what if the CD could have been a faulty CD KEY and servers found out about it... and might prosecute me or something???😞

Please...I dont know who to turn to or who to talk about it...

Am I safe?
Do I have to worry about anything?
Should I ever play the game again?

Please if anyone...can respond back to this post...I would greatly appreciate it...

Thank You

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As far as i'm aware of, FSX doesn't talk to microsoft's servers about your CD key after the initial activation.

If you're that worried, why didn't you just buy the game?

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