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I have been working on putting out a demo for my band SOULBINDER... and we finally have a demo up on myspace if you all wanna check it out and see I am more than just a pretty face and a lot of posts...

This is music from the Steel Town... it bleeds black and gold... and has the soul of bands past.

Right now I have it set so everyone can listen but cannot download. If you would like your own personal copy in your email box please PM me only. I will send out copies as I get requests.

All I ask of all of you... let me know what you think. We grow that way.

If anything you may actually get an idea as to what I am all about when I am not here flying Steeler Air. (BTW... I am the dude on the bass and male backing vocals from time to time.)

Ok folks I am going to bed now.... I hope everyone has a great night and tomorrow we FLY!!!

I also have a blog up so you can read what Soulbinder is all about.


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What did I miss? Nothing there!
No Music, no pics, no band bio's

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Stormchild reminded me a lot of the Whitesnake days and while runesinger was a bit too heavy for me it was very professionally done and those that like "Heavy" will love it 😀 Unfortunately "The Gates of Eden" would'nt play!
Overall bel, sounding good! 👏
I'm going to change my appraisal here... 😀 . As with a lot of music it takes a few listens to get into it, i've just listened to Stormchild and Runesinger for the third time and they're not sounding good bel, they're sounding fantastic 😀 . Hopefully soon i'll be flicking through the music channels on sattelite TV and Soulbinder will pop up and i'll say to the wife "I know him" 😀 😀 😀 ish!

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Nice, I actually quite like it. Is the main singer female or male, I can't tell!
Sounds like the kind of metal you'd hear back in the 80's.

Sweet stuff, Bel.

PS just listened to Stormchild. Bloody awesome guitar at the start man! I love it.

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Hey all... thanks. Go figure last night Myspace completely revamped their music site... so for a while nothing played. It should be ok now. Jen is definitely female WD...

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