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I have been working on putting out a demo for my band SOULBINDER... and we finally have a demo up on myspace if you all wanna check it out and see I am more than just a pretty face and a lot of posts...

This is music from the Steel Town... it bleeds black and gold... and has the soul of bands past.

Right now I have it set so everyone can listen but cannot download. If you would like your own personal copy in your email box please PM me only. I will send out copies as I get requests.

All I ask of all of you... let me know what you think. We grow that way.

If anything you may actually get an idea as to what I am all about when I am not here flying Steeler Air. (BTW... I am the dude on the bass and male backing vocals from time to time.)

Ok folks I am going to bed now.... I hope everyone has a great night and tomorrow we FLY!!!

I also have a blog up so you can read what Soulbinder is all about.


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What did I miss? Nothing there!
No Music, no pics, no band bio's

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Stormchild reminded me a lot of the Whitesnake days and while runesinger was a bit too heavy for me it was very professionally done and those that like "Heavy" will love it Very Happy Unfortunately "The Gates of Eden" would'nt play!
Overall bel, sounding good! Clapping
I'm going to change my appraisal here... Very Happy . As with a lot of music it takes a few listens to get into it, i've just listened to Stormchild and Runesinger for the third time and they're not sounding good bel, they're sounding fantastic Very Happy . Hopefully soon i'll be flicking through the music channels on sattelite TV and Soulbinder will pop up and i'll say to the wife "I know him" Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy ish!

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Nice, I actually quite like it. Is the main singer female or male, I can't tell!
Sounds like the kind of metal you'd hear back in the 80's.

Sweet stuff, Bel.

PS just listened to Stormchild. Bloody awesome guitar at the start man! I love it.

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Hey all... thanks. Go figure last night Myspace completely revamped their music site... so for a while nothing played. It should be ok now. Jen is definitely female WD...

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