i need an answer please

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sorry for asking this here
im addicted to anything related to commertial aircraft
im frequent flyer of "sky team" and also of "star alliance"
there is any way in the world i can be one of those who take videos from real cockpit in real time flight ?

there is any way instead of my sit in a flight join the crew just
to be there?
or how does other people taking videos from there and upload to youtube

thanks i will really appreciate any answer.

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Generally there are two ways you can do it--

Flight sim has a built in recorder that records the actions you take in flight and then you can replay it back in FSX. The cool thing here is that you can move your views wherever you like as you're playing it back, rather than having to focus on flying the plane and taping your video at the same time. Only problem is some of the more complicated payware aircraft don't seem to handle this too well-- for example I tried it with the Level D 76 and FS immediately crashed when I tried to play it back.

The other way is to tape it and fly it at the same time, which works too. You need a program called fraps, which works with basically any game. It just records everything that happens to a video file. (linky!)

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I think that person wants to take a video of a real aircraft's cockpit, but I'm not sure, as this is in the FSX section and the grammar is kinda confusing (no offense).

I'd say your best bet is to ask a crew member to take a video for you...

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