Anymore groups other than here?

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Outside of nntp is there any groups left dedicated to fs98 still? I dont use fs2000/2/4, and I have a few questions about fs98 textures to make them look like 1940's city scapes etc, anything 40's.

erm... Oh I seem to remember a group with a huge list of forums, a UBB board I think it was but no longer have that link Crying or Very sad

So I make an account and come here, and still havent found what I am looking for.

Am I the last person on earth to still use fs98? 😛

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😳 🙄 Yes, I'm afraid your all alone out there, sad isn't it.

I found two sites that may be of some interest, I hope they help.

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Lonely place indeed. Even my static’s don’t cooperate half the time, so I am really alone!

Just when I get a pc to deliver max frame rates with max everything, I’m years too late 😛

Oh well, thanks for the links, I’ll go play with the trolls 🙂

"FS98 As Lonely as it gets!"

peter michael Guest

I use the version before that - but I am braking my isolation and leaping to 2004 - that makes it necesarry to switch my pc from 1998 - my impression from the various places where I have looked are that it's all gone 😞 .

peter michael Guest

I just wrote that it is all gone. But I just found an exception - for all it is worth:

Best regards Peter 😀

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