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Well after lounging around on the beach and sipping some very good margaritas at the old stick and rudder, I have loaded, tried and given up on FS9, Boy to think FSX has problems. 😉 FS9 looks cartoonish and lacks a lot of features and details we FSX'rs take for granted. The differences are very noticable and I missed the goose and the smooth photo real environment of FSX. I could not get any of the CH controls to work properly with FS9, and as the only concern with FSX was the occasional dropping of the CH Quadrant, I've decided to remove FS9 and stick with FSX.

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So, welcome back

You've never adequately defined your CH throttle problem. I use CH flightstick (has throttle axis) with FSX default stick assignments. I'm aware of 3 possible throttle inputs, ie:
F keys 1 through 4,
mouse over throttle in virtual cockpit,
and throttle wheel on the stick.

These 3 inputs can be conflicted. The CH wheel will dominate the F keys and mouse over. This is demonstrated when loading a saved flight. If the flight was saved at 80% throttle and CH wheel is at 0% on loading, then I gotta quickly add throttle at start of a saved flight. I can set throttle with F keys or mouse over, but setting won't hold if CH wheel is anything but 0%.

Same dominance prevails with my CH rudder pedals where differential braking of the pedals prohibits saving parking brake on. These are just quirks in the game program, I can't really fault the programmers, for how can they anticipate every possible input device?

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

I have the CH throttle quadrant which has six control levers and six switches. The levers can be programmed too any configuration from twins to I supose six engines. My issue is they controller doesn't stay enabled in the computer's gaming devices, or the Flight Sims. Problems vary and are not consistent, anything from the sim not mirroring the inputs, to a complete lack of communication between controller, computer and sim. I have never been able to resolve them. I've emailed CH's tech support on numerous occassions and have yet to get any reply. For this reason I would never consider nor recomend CH to anyone looking for controls. They are pricey and given the after purchase support, or rather lack of.... I would look into a seemingly better product such as Saitek. I have uninstalled all flight simulation software at this time and have it all listed for sale. If I don't sell them, I might look at trying them again some time, but for now I'm out of Flight Sims. They just aren't any fun when you keep having so many problems. I just wanted something easy, plug and play that works right. No such luck.

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