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Abbotsford to Arcata / B767-300

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Matt (airbourne) First Officer

Hi guys, just a short trip i done in a 767 today down the south coast of Canada into north coast of N-America , hope u guys enjoy the shots, as much as i enjoyed this flight

Abbotsford -> Arcata : NM 489 : Cruise Altitude fl320. Knts Cruise 330 :time 1:10mins.

1. Abbotsford tower, Hawaiian 1124 Heavy Redy to taxi IFR to Arcata

2. Abbotsford tower , Hawaiian 1124 Heavy Ready for take off.

3. Hawaiian 1124 Heavy going to Fl320.

4. Seatbelts off entertainment on 😀

5. Cruising at 32,000

6. Heading towards America

7. Starting Decent spoils up to slow fast 😀

8. Qwick look out the window

[b]9. Arcata below! approach time!

10. Left turn onto Final!

11. Motoway / Highway xD

[b]12. Another outside shot


14. Touchdown!

15. mmmm Slight problem Neutral

16. Thanks for looking all hope u enjoyed the shots, please comment/rate etc!

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Bartfs First Officer

Great shots 😳 😳

What are your specs??

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Matt (airbourne) First Officer

Intel Duo Quad Core Q66000

3 Gig ram

ATI Radeon 3850 x2 1 gig

Ati Crossfire pro Motherbord

I can get up to 34fps over sea/land and at small aiports

Airports like Gatwick Heathrow etc 18 - 22 fps

All ultra high graphics accept Weather/Trafic wich is at med.

but i like to lock at 22 frames as i feel its enouth and not over the top

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Bartfs First Officer

Thanks, might be buying FSX.. so 😛

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Nick (truckernick) Captain

sweet, nice pics man.

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n7xlq1 First Officer

Nice shots, where did the Hawaiian colors come from, and aircraft?

Also picture #6 looks a little funky, looks like an engine is coming out of the nose of the aircraft.

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Nick (truckernick) Captain

n7xlq1 person above me, These came from, i got the same thing.

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Matt (airbourne) First Officer

Yup sure did just search in simviation for it, warning it DOSNT come with virtual cockpit wich i was abit anoyed about cos i like to fly with it, but besides from that its ok, turnings abit heavy on it but its turnable

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