Is the FSX suitable for me

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Can i run FSX reasonably well at high settings?I can't afford any new hardware at present,i'm thinking to get MD-11 just release by PMDG,any opinions or advice greatly appreciated.

My System: Intel D865PERL MB, Intel P4 3.4GHz extreme edition, Visiontek Radeon X1950 Pro 575MHz 256MB AGP 8x Video Card,4GB corsair DDR pc3200,WD Raptor 36gb HD,Corsair 550w PSU,Windows XP Pro Sp3, 18"dell CRT.

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FSX is processor INTENSIVE. Your motherboard is old (475 pin processors), but it's running about as fast as it can on 800mhz frountside bus. This is about like the setup I started FSX on.

Yours will run FSX ok at medium settings and low traffic, around 18-20 frames/sec. It will make you want a faster computer. This is what I upgraded to to run FSX smoothly.

intel E8400 3ghz processor (core 2 duo) both processors run approx 90%
intel G31 I/O chipset (1333mhz fsb)
2gb corsair 800mhz ram
nvida 8800gtx 768mb (pci-e x16)

Sim settings (by no means maxed out)
Target frame rate 20
Filtering Bilinear
Anti-aliasing checked
Global texture resolution Medium
Advanced animations checked
Default cockpit view 3-D virtual cockpit
Show cockpit ToolTips not checked
Hi-res 3-D cockpit checked
2-D panel transparency 0%
Aircraft casts shadows.. checked
Level of detail radius Large (maxed)
Mesh complexity 100 (maxed)
Mesh resolution 1m (maxed)
Texture resolution 7m (maxed)
Water effects none
Land detail textures checked
Scenery complexity Extremely dense (maxed)
Autogen density Extremely dense (maxed)
Ground scenery shadows checked
Special effects detail Medium
Cloud draw distance: 70mi / 112km
Thermal visualization none
Simple clouds
Rate at which weather.. Medium
Airline traffic density 0%
General aviation traffic 100%
Airport vehicle density Minimum
Show aircraft labels not checked
Road vehicles 15%
Ships and ferries 0%
Leisure boats 0%

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Hmm.... Let me think... With an older Nvidia card and an 2.0 GHz AMD proc...
I can run things on medium... But, Microsoft said it was designed to run on non-existent hardware, so your gonna wanna upgrade soon. 😎

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