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Has anyone heard anymore info on the Real Enviroment Extreme and the release date yet. I did hear that they were getting ready to release it on sim pilot's website.[color=blue][/color] ❓

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There is no release date yet. They are currently beta testing the product.

From the screenshots, it looks great, though!

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Thanks so much for the info I wonder why they said they were getting ready to release it doesnt make since oh im anious here's the details anyways.

Real Environment Xtreme (REX), the comprehensive environment enhancement and weather engine for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, as developed by Tim Fuchs, Reed Stough, and their team, continues its testing phase as The FlightSim Store begins preparations for the release of what many predict will be the next best seller of all time.

Owner of The FlightSim Store, Adrian Lehmann said today; "I am very excited that the release of this highly anticipated product is drawing closer. I have followed the development of REX with a very keen eye and I am only too happy to help bring this fantastic product to the market. I believe it"s going to be one of those must have, can"t fly without add-ons for flight simmers across the globe."

Real Environment Xtreme is set to hit the market at an affordable US $39.95 (approx. AU $50.00) and comprises a vast assortment of NEW graphical content based on PHOTO-REALISTIC elements, combined with a brand NEW Weather Engine and Flight Planner. REX will enhance the complete sky environment, water environment (including real-world coral & reef simulations), airport environment, lighting environment and weather environment. For further details about Real Environment Xtreme please visit the dedicated website at:

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Preparing to release a software product this in-depth takes time, careful planning and a LOT of work. Not only on our end, but our beta testers and publisher. Our help manuals are in the works now, that should give you a hint. Wink


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REX has been released as of November 30.

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I've been waiting for this release for some time. Has anyone installed this? and if so...was wondering what the minimum requirements in terms of kit are in order to make this work smoothly?

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