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I've found an airport that is in the wrong spot, and I'd like to move it. Is there a file someware that dictates the runway location?
If not, I remember using a program some time ago that allowed you to move the airport/make new airports. Anyone have any idea what it is?


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Im pretty sure its AFCAD 2.21 by Lee Swordy?

PS, welcome back 🙂

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Ok, I've got it downloaded, but when I try to open an airport it doesn't work. I do the search, select the airport, click "OK", and it just sits there, not doing anything. 😕
Any ideas?

PS, welcome back


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Airport Design Editor.

Latest is like 1.5 I think? Get it from AVSIM and get the updates.

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Isn't ACE's studio interested in correcting these? I posted about a miss placed muni about a month ago.

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