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Which Windows OSes have the ability to see and use more than 4gb of RAM? Is it only the 64 bit versions that can do it?

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This help? Has quite a few links.



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I might add that some simple bios updates will allow your motherboard too "see" more ram.
This is very true when using an MSI board.
Its not really the OS that is allowing or dis-allowing your systme to see the extra ram.
One nice thing about Windows Vista is that it allows you to insert a SD memory card and use it to speed up your system. This only works up to a 4 gig card but it does work.

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Well and Windows 32 bit is limited to a max of 4gb of RAM. Infact, they don't even show up the correct amount half the time (I have 4 and it actually uses 3.3). I would go for a x64 Windows 7 (When it comes out). Most PCs now come with 6GB of ram standard and only x64.

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