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when i'm traffic controller in multiplayer, how do i:

a) find out the active
b) find out the taxiways to give (over the ground frequency) to get pilots from their current position to the active
c) give pilots headings that will line them up with the active.

thanks in advance

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As atc, you decide what the active is. You usually pick the runway that points the closest into the wind. To pick taxiways, easiest way is to download an airport diagram and print it out. is one place you can go to get these.

As far as lining them up with a runway, it depends on the approach. If you're using an ils approach, the standard thing to do is put them on a course that is at an angle of about 20-30 degrees to the runway heading, , and intersects the ils localizer 5 or 6 miles out from the end of the runway. Then tell them "Maintain xxx degrees until established on the localizer. Cleared ILS approach runway xx"

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You need to use the 360 degrees compass to find their heading and get new headings on the ATC window.

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Yea, best thing to do is dowload or print out a map of the airport. It does take some practice before you can give headings that will allow them to intercept the ILS at the right spot.

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