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HI all my name is Ryan McCarthy Director of Logistics operations for UVAC. Below is a description of our company. We are currently looking for pilots for our Logistics operations if your interested please visit our site. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at

You can find our website at

Welcome to Unity Virtual Aviation Community. We are not the average virtual airline. Unity offers much more than just the opportunity to fly airliners on passenger routes. Unity is a place to interact with aviation enthusiasts from all over the world. Pilots within the community participate in events, flying everything from Cessna 172s to Boeing 777s. Our members are not just members of a virtual airline, but owners of a virtual career. Pilots gather virtual wages in their own accounts using the Unity Bank system. Pilot reports are recorded using our advanced automated databasing systems. Each member has their own comprehensive logbook recording both company scheduled flight time, and their personal flight time. A thorough system of awards offers members opportunities for recognition within the community. A large rank system allows pilots to move up through their career. No matter which division you choose, each offers its own unique characteristics and experience.

Unity offers multiple divisions for pilots to choose from for their virtual career:

-Unity Airways: The oldest division of Unity, Unity Airways offers standard commercial-style flights for the virtual pilot. Unity Airways features hubs at Miami International Airport (KMIA), Chicago-O'Hare Airport (KORD), New York Kennedy International Airport (KJFK), and San Francisco International Airport (KSFO). Their fleet features aircraft ranging from the ATR-72 regional airliner, all the way up to the Boeing 747-400 jetliner.

-Unity Logistics: Unity Logistics offers freight hauling flights for those who prefer cargo operations. Logistics currently conducts all operations out of the Memphis International Airport (KMEM).They operate a diverse fleet of small turboprop and large jet aircraft.

-Unity Aeroclub: Unity Aeroclub is a subdivision open to all members of other divisions. Founded in 2001, it offers pilots a chance to fly small civil aircraft in a variety of environments. The Aeroclub frequently hosts multiplayer events open to all members, which are a great opportunity to interact with fellow pilots.

Our expert staff are here to lead and develop new projects all the time. Many of our staff members offer real world flight experience and all of them offer extensive virtual aviation experience, and virtual airline management experience. Our staff members ensure smooth day-to-day operations within the community. Many new staff positions open up regularly, offering pilots continued advancement into management positions from the pilot ranks. You can view our management team on the staff page.


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