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Many aircraft I try to download are in AVSIM but I cannot access the site. I log in correctly and neither left click or right click (save as Target) works. Is there something I am missing? (Apart from my marbles that is)

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In order to download the files you have to open an account.

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Oh,, I just assumed that using a password and username I already had an account

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I have been having the same problem. I remember once I was a paying member of Flightsim.com, yet i was not getting the high speed downlaods promised--it turned out to be a routing problem--by that i mean, the path the IP was running and the various internet paths were screwing the connection-I was able to download, just not get the right connection for the highspeed end--i think AVSIM must have changed the routing procedures--because i am getting NOWHERE there.

The internet is really starting to suck hard

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