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Several months ago I found that someone on this site had outlined a real neat FSX.cfg that had a bunch of changes in it to enhance flying on the sim. I cannot seem to find that information and need it as I had to reload my FSX and Acceleration Pack because of getting some aircraft to initialize in the Missions settings. That problem still exists for some of the missions, even though that particalar aircraft is in the Simobjects airplane folder. ANYWAY, I am currently looking for that FSX.cfg tweaks, so I can update my cfg file. Any help on either of these would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks, RadarMan...I have that PDF file and have used it some. However, someone had actually modified a FSX.cfg file, adding lines, changing others, etc. and displayed the completed file, allowing someone, who wanted, to copy and paste it in their cfg file. I will read the PDF file more closely and see what I can find.

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I need to know this as well.... I am tired of doing flights and come within 5 miles from landing and FSX decides to throw a Fatal Error at me.....

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