Fly Away Simulation

Why do you have AI Traffic?

Do you like to have Ai because.......
Just Spotting!
 11%  [ 2 ]
Just to be realistic!
 55%  [ 10 ]
So I can have my sky crowded, and have delays at airports!
 16%  [ 3 ]
 16%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 18
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Westernstyle Captain

Comment if other-

Pro Member Chief Captain
Cheeks Chief Captain

All 3 of them!

Pro Member First Officer
Bob (Traches) First Officer

I checked the third, but to be honest I don't use ai traffic too much because it nukes my framerates, and because I do mostly multiplayer flying Cool

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Westernstyle Captain

What server do you use for multiplayer?

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Other: It complements the AI I was endowed with at birth Tongue

PS: Dude, you're hijacking your own topic... not enough AI perhaps?

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Vanya First Officer

All three here, as well.

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claytonlocher First Officer

Again, all three for me!

I usually fly on VATSIM, so AI is not really that useful for me, but when I'm just flying for the fun of it, I like to have the skies crowded.

Every once and awhile I'll take a car and travel up and down the streets around Chicago-Midway or other nifty airports and enjoy the Southwest planes landing and taking off. Very Happy

When you think about it, all of the things you can do with FS is amazing!

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art lippel (effieveda) First Officer

All three .... I like to watch.

Later ... Art

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