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I feel that everyone who is an avid Flight Sim User, regardless of when you started "FS'ing", should be apart of this...

On March 30th, 2003, Mayor Richard Dailey the 3rd, went into Chicago Meigs Field, around 11:00pm (reports conflict the actual time), and bulldozed everything in sight! WITHOUT WARNING TO ANYONE! NOT PILOTS, ATC, BUSINESS; ANYONE!

It was the first time in aviation history, that the FAA allowed aircraft to take off from the taxiways! Why? Because Mayor Ding Dong plowed everyting else in sight! Leaving aircraft still at the field!

My name is Jon, or as you may know me: Sven2157/SV2157, and I live in the Chicagoland area. I host and run a server/website for FSX (if you want to find us, you can, but I will not SPAM these forums; this is far too important!)

When I first started FS'ing (if you haven't caught on by now; FS'ing = Flight Simming), I was about 6-7 years old. I had every Flight Sim available to man at the time! But MSFS was my ultimate favourite! I am now 33 years old and can remember the VERY first day I got MS Flight Simulator! It was Black & White, and VERY 2 Dimensional! Every version, since then, has ALWAYS started your plane at Chicago Meigs Field, untill 2003! Why Bill Gates and his team chose Meigs, is beyond the scope of this topic. But... ...THEY DID!

Now this historic landmark, has been reduced to a park that NO ONE USES! IT STILL HAS REMINANTS OF THE ASPHALT THERE (November20, 200😎! Mayor Ding Dong has not even completed the job! There are no scheduled plans for it, and Dailey is being sued by the FAA for MILLIONS, because of his actions!


...Please visit the following website, sign up, and take part of the recovery, of the GREATEST disaster in Aviation history!

Friends of Meigs Field:

Reference Websites:

Free Republic:

...and there are plenty more out there.....

Salute, and Happy Landings to all! ("Any landing you can walk away from, is a good landing!")


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Sorry for the double post! ??? Not sure what happened there.....

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Those people who did that to Meigs should be thrown in jail. An amazing airport thrashed. Mad

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Westernstyle wrote:

Those people who did that to Meigs should be thrown in jail. An amazing airport thrashed. Mad

The FAA and other private group have Mayor Ding Dong in a Criminal and Civil Lawsuit! He may actually go to jail!

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