Quad Core.. Make a differance?

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Hi all, just been trying out fsx again and got it fairly playable except at major airports. and wondering what hardware I could get to make it better.

My current build:

Intel Dual Core 3GHZ E8650
4GB Ram DDR 2
ATI HD 3870 X2 1GB
Windows XP Pro SP3 (temporally switched back from vista 64)
Samsung Syncmaster 226BW 22" wide screen monitor 1680x1050

I am wondering if anyone runs FSX on a Quad Core system and what extra performance it gives? I am also thinking of upgrading my ram to DDR 3.

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It's hard to make recommendations because we don't know what "fairly playable" and "make it better" means to you! To get qualitative, most of us trout our frame per second (FPS) rates, where more is better. You have a strong computer for FSX and I'd expect you see 20 FPS normally, that's what Aces recommends for satisfactory play. If not, 1st look for other processes using resources. Next experiment with FSX settings, We've not heard of a computer yet that can run FSX with everything max' ed and make 20 FPS consistently. This is my computer and I'm getting consistent 20 FPS everywhere I go at 500 AGL in my Cub.

intel E8400 3ghz processor (core 2 duo)
intel G31 I/O chipset (MSI moboard)
2gb corsair 800mhz ram
nvida 8800gtx 768mb
winXp sp3
FSX settings
Target frame rate 20
Filtering Bilinear
Anti-aliasing checked
Global texture resolution Medium THIS IS A BIGGIE, ANY MORE KNOCKS MY FPS
Advanced animations checked
Default cockpit view 3-D virtual cockpit
Show cockpit ToolTips not checked
Hi-res 3-D cockpit checked
2-D panel transparency 0%
Aircraft casts shadows.. checked
Level of detail radius Large (maxed)
Mesh complexity 100 (maxed)
Mesh resolution 1m (maxed)
Texture resolution 7m (maxed)
Water effects none
Land detail textures checked
Scenery complexity Extremely dense (maxed)
Autogen density Extremely dense (maxed)
Ground scenery shadows checked
Special effects detail Medium
Cloud draw distance: 70mi / 112km
Thermal visualization none
Simple clouds
Rate at which weather.. Medium
Airline traffic density 0% THIS HELPS SOME
General aviation traffic 100%
Airport vehicle density Minimum
Show aircraft labels not checked
Road vehicles 15%
Ships and ferries 0% THIS HELPS SOME
Leisure boats 0% THIS HELPS SOME

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Thanks for them settings thy work quite nice..

Just put Vista 64 back on and trying again and seeing how it works with my FULL complemnt of ram.

I do still believe FSX could greatly benifit from some extra cpu power from different sources i have been reading..

Its slowly growing on me.. maybe in 6 months or so it could even take over from FS9

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