Which Joystick? (and FSX lethargy)

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It has been with us for over 2 years now. Where did the time go?

Well I've got FSX lethargy - I for one have never got this version of Flight Simulator off the ground.

I couldn't play FSX when I bought it (the Deluxe version) because my system wasn't high enough spec. I changed by graphics card to an 8800GTS a little while ago and excitedly tried again but was disappointed when I found that the CPU was now the bottleneck (AMD 3500+). So earlier this year I upgraded my PC with a nice CoreDuo Quad Core, new motherboard and RAM. However, THEN I found that my joystick has a 15-pin D plug and my motherboard doesn't have a game-port 😞

I can't even see how my new PC performs running FSX because the damned console mode won't even start without a joystick plugged in!!

Am I rushing out to buy a new joystick?? No.
Do I know why...? No.

I think I look at FSX as a hill to climb. I'd conquered FS9, had it running nicely, loads of add-ons, knew all the keys... and now with FSX I've found its all changed and I need to do hacks to software that is supposed to be FSX compatible etc etc etc...

Anyway. After my huge winge, if I get a new joystick can someone recommend one? I'm not an enthusiast after a yoke, nor do I have a lot of desk space, nor do I want to spend a lot of money.

This is the joystick (that I can't use) which I have now and I love it;


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without a doubt i would recomend the Saitek X52, I have one and it has served me well. through my IL-2 days. It has loads of programmable buttons and atwist rudder function which is always handy.

and.. if you are like me and have more money than brains and are an FS addict you have to get a Yoke, Throttle Quadrent and Pedals..

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CH products are the gold standard. After all, CH makes controllers for actual fly-by-wire aircraft flight systems. FSX recognizes them and makes default assignments.

But... they are expensive and USB. It's getting hard to find motherboards for new processors that feature serial (game) and or parallel (printer) ports.

I've been satisfied with CH flight stick and rudder pedals for more than a year now.

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horrgakx wrote:

I'm not an enthusiast after a yoke, nor do I have a lot of desk space, nor do I want to spend a lot of money.

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