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Dudes, i am totaly sorry for my actions here. My grades fell down over the last month and im trying to keep em up, but with my exams going on and my LA grade at 79, my parents are bugging me and are going to take my computer away if I don't do well. Tailhook, Razgr1z912, Bran09, Morris91, Cheeks, Flyboy92, except this, however i shouldn't get angry here. 😞


PS- 95 on science and 100 on extra credit, raised grade from 85 to 94.9!!! 😛

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Cheeks Chief Captain

No excuse for you to take it out on other people.......
I don't know about other members, but this is the last time I will accept your apology, next time you will lose my respect forever, so yeah, for me your on your last chance!

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Westernstyle First Officer

Ok 😎

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

Dude, this is a flight sim forum. There's really no reason for all this drama.

Can you act with some maturity? Please?

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Im with Cheeks. I only give people second chances and this is your second chance from me.

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