dont understand how to get the add-ons in the right folders

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dont know where to save in FSX10.. there is no folder called aircrafts.
Using Windows Vista.
is there a an install prog.?? or somewhere with more details.
Can someone help pls.

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So like, I don't have a file with the name of the plane I am trying to addon to the game. I also find some of the information to be a little confusing. can you please help me?

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That's cause there isn't an aircrafts folder, you have to go to simobjects and then inside there is a folder that says airplanes, that where you put airplane downloads.

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When you download a plane make sure it's for the right fs version,
#1 Download and save to dekstop
#2 Extract folder to your desktop
#3 Then open FSX main folder and navigate to simobjects, airplanes folder. (AND LEAVE IT OPEN AND SHOWING)
#4 With the sibobjects, airplnes folder showing, drag and drop your extracted aircraft download to the simbojects, airplanes folder, and then it should work.
If the download includes effects or such make sure you put the effects in the main fsx effects folder.

This is all i do for my add-on aircraft.
I can explain this in more detail if you would like.

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If your downloaded file does not have a name, just rename it and give it one.
If that's what you mean.

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