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FSX affected display on my new powerful laptop

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I got new HP DV7t laptop a real powerhouse with Navida 9000 series, 4Gh memory 2.5 processor Windows Vista 64 bit. So have eagerly installed FSX. After second session ,after I exited FSX all my icons on the desktop got large, my display got distorted. Fault stayed the same even after I rebooted the PC. I called HP and it took 2 hours to fix the problem which included reistalling the Navida driver and changing the settings. So have de-installed FSX and FS 2004 runs just great.
I am bit disappointed though and would like to try FSX again. However I am sceptical after the experience I had. Any idea what is causing the display to act like this? Is it Vista 64bit? If so what should I do to run FSX without affecting my new laptop. Any info would be much appreciated.

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The correct drivers should have fixed the problem, as long as they aren't beta drivers.

I don't know the specs of your machine but it should run the Sim on medium like most "hot" laptops will.


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I have Vista 32 but at times I fine Icons and files, folders, rearranged after installing new programs, or updates. If the size of the icons is the only thing that is giving you problems and your not having any issues launching FSX, then just right click on desktop, put cursor over views and select the size of icons you want. Also your displays native resolutions could have been changed giving distortion. If you reinstall make sure you check it before launching FSX and set FSX res to the same as desktop.

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Thanks guys,
Will give it a shot again and re-install FSX. Difficult to part with FS2004, just did Milwaukee to ORD IFR with 400 quite snowy at ORD (real weather) but a smooth landing on a center line - 35FPS in a dense Chicago scenery and with full sliders, so makes me wander why to switch to FSX? What is the real benefit, please let me know. My first FSX flight was pulling only 15 FPS around Manhattan. And I have a powerhouse PC. FS2004 is so great, so again why to switch and waste 14Gb of my hard drive?

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Well for starters, FSX has way more bugs and problems for you to fix....

Seriously given all it's problems, the entire look of FSX is better, far more realistic and when it runs, man does it run! I've tried both, and would never go back to FS2004. It might just be that given that FSX is a very, very large program, that even your whiz bang lap top is inadequate to properly run it. I oringinally purpose built my Dell laptop for FSX, and when it was installed, I had nothing but trouble with it taking up all of the memory to even run half ways normal. I opted for a stronger more powerfull desk top and ensured I did not cut any corners on memory or speed. All said and done, FSX takes a ton of memory and can place stress on most systems at the best of times.

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