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Like many others, I struggled to get G2XPL working properly. However, it was worth the effort, as the results are stunning.

To help anyone else struggling with setting it up, I've written a tutorial to get you started.



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I boughtXPlane 9 lastweek The pacakge looks a lot better than the software actually works for me.
For clearification here are my stats on my computer:
250 EIDE drive Western Digital
ATI 256 mb on board ram ATI Pro x 800 with the latest drivers-AGP (updated 28 Deember 0😎
2 gb of ddr2 ram
MSI mobo
Pentium 4 2.6 gHz

The problems that I have is that it is very choppy and I do not have full view of the screen. I only get a small window in the center of my 22 inch LCD LG monitor.

The program sometimes tells me to get a faster computer. I aknowledge the fact that this is the original build 26 December 03 Windows XP SP3. I thought about reloading XP but I have had no crashes since the install. A side not I have the intergrated version of XP as I wanted to be able to be able to read the entire drive. Without the intergrated you do not have the capability to read the entire drive.

Any help would be appreciated.


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get 😀 😎

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