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Make flight sim x like 2004

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I just bought flight sim x a few weeks back. To my dismay it doesn't run well on my pc. When I had 2004 I was able to run everything on Ultra High, 1440x900 res, aliasing on, and got 30fps.

I would be happy if Flight sim x looked like 2004 atleast. Does anyone know how the settings translate from 2004 to X (i.e. ultra high in 2004 = low in X)? I like flight sim X... i just wish it would atleast look as good as 2004.

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First thing i did was turn some sounds off, that helped a lot. 🙂

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The thing that gets you is we know just what a fantastic sim FSX can be if you could turn the sliders up but like the majority of us on this forum you havn't got a high end spec pc and shame on Microsoft for not printing this on the box!!!! .......Frustrateing or what

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