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Oasis Virtual Airlines ( has reopened their doors with a new look and great new features. Oasis has spent the last several months in its quest to getting back to basics. We focus on providing our pilots a reliable, convenient location to meet most of their virtual aviation needs. With a complex global route system, a robust fleet of over 20 aircraft types, and innovative systems coupled with procedures written from real world procedures from a real world airline pilot. We at Oasis focus on you building your entertainment in a realistic operating environment, without the high end hour requirements and substandard operations or staff found at other virtual airlines.

Based out of Boston with Hubs in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Miami, and Dallas, our airline provides our pilots with routes through out the Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia/New Zealand. Our operations include short routes on small aircraft, to large complex aircraft on long haul routes criss-crossing the globe. A variety of fleet opportunities from Cessna 208 to the Airbus A380 provides an opportunity for pilots of all skill sets and interests to find their niche. Oasis also boasts a robust Cargo, Charter and Events section.

Using a Virtual Money salary system, pilots are able to puchase customized paints of their favorite aircraft, as well as bid their virtual earnings for real world items such as airline memorabilia and other things. Oasis also has an opportunity EVERY MONTH to earn extra virtual bonuses to fly specific routes for that month.

Looking to learn? Oasis now offers a Flight Standards and Pilot Development department which allows pilots to participate in a voluntary flight training program, allowing pilots to learn the basics and more complex (from flying a pattern to backcourse VOR approaches) and even just knock the cobwebs off skills you haven't used in a while.

With our reopening, Oasis has begun recruiting for pilots once again. From now until the end of January 2009, pilots who join Oasis will be able to transfer 100% of all verifiable hours from another virtual airline. Also new pilots will recieve a $1000 virtual signing bonus to your account as soon as you complete your first flight. Bring a friend with you, and as soon as they complete 20 flights or their first promotion (which ever comes first) you get $5000 virtual recruiting bonus to your account.

If you are looking for a challenge to test your leadership skills, or would like to share your unique talents... Oasis is seeking dedicated and innovative individuals for several staff positions throughout the airlines departments. Here is your opportunity to get in at the ground level and make your mark!

Bill Pope

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