END of Microsoft Flight Simulator

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I have read in several locations that Microsoft has basically fired everyone in the Flight sim department signalling the end of flight sims from them

Can this be true?

Development sources have told Gamasutra that a large portion of the dev house's staff has been let go - with multiple reports indicating that the entire Flight Simulator team has been axed.

The Microsoft-owned Flight Simulator is possibly the game industry's longest-running continuous franchise.

Microsoft also shut down ACES, the studio behind its long-running Flight Simulator title, let go of the bloggers behind its Xbox-centered Gamerscore blog (per Kotaku), and fired about 30 percent of its game testers (also via VentureBeat). The company plans to lay off as many as 5,000 employees by June 2010; these moves came as part of an initial round of 1,400 cuts.,2817,2339520,00.asp

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Well Microsoft said that "We are committed to the Flight Simulator franchise, which has proven to be a successful PC-based game for the last 27 years,"

"You should expect us to continue to invest in enabling great Live experiences on Windows, including flying games, but we have nothing specific to announce at this time."

Besides, the Flight Sim area is a huge market, someone else would probably fill in the gap if Microsoft left.

Just my 2 cents 😉

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Karlw Captain

And this is why we should have world peace. A united economy would mean we would not have to worry about a depression.

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Not to worry, looking around I see so much in the way of after market add ons and improvements that I doubt sim flight is in any real danger. Some might even venture that if microsoft were to get out of the game it would remove the most annoying virus of all. Wink

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Haha, I agree with ya Captain. I'm of the opinion that X-Plane could be a much higher quality sim than FSX, but nobody writes the good addons for X-Plane.

Also, with it being such a niche program, the UI isn't the friendliest. If it became more mainstream I'm sure it would get cleaned up a bit...

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Well X-Plane was rubbish effects, far as im told.

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

X plane doesn't look all that bad, but admittedly not as good as FSX. The Scenery is much better than anything Microsoft has done, and is less of a resource drag as well.

Remember, X-plane is coded by one guy, and I doubt he makes enough money off of it to quit his day job. (Could be wrong on that.)

If X-Plane replaced flight sim, of course we'd see improvements in it.

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