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Turning Old Laptop Into Second Monitor - Heeeelp!

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Hi all - I need the help of a genius.....

I run FS2004 on a Dual Core 64-Bit Vista SP1 system with 4Gb RAM and 1Gb dedicated graphics card. Runs like merde off a shiny shovel, if you get my drift. I have a nice big w/s monitor and it's all very, very cool.

I also have an old laptop - from memory it's a Pentium 2 450Mhz running XP SP2 with maybe 256Mb RAM and not much graphics capability. It is gathering dust very happily. It has a network port and modem etc.

Question is - can I hook up the (essentially useless) laptop to my current system in any way so that I can use the screen as a second monitor for aircraft guages etc?

If so - can anyone point me in the direction of a real idiot's guide to doing it? I say Idiot's Guide honestly, since that's the level I'm at with such things. I have googled but stuff just going over my head.

Or is there another way to do this - am I making it too complicated?

Any help - much appreciated and I'll buy you a pint or two sometime....

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One thing you might consider is if you run active sky or any external AI traffic or ATC programs, you can network the two computers and run all that stuff on the slow computer to free up processing cycles on the fast one. Better framerates 😀

I haven't done it myself, but I can look up the necessary software if you're interested.

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Yes - interested.......RadarMan - thanks for the links - but to be honest I need things a little shall we say.....BASIC than that! Simply put - I haven't got a clue....but I get the gist that I need to network my Laptop to my how the f**k do I do that? See what I mean about needing an idiot's guide??? But thanks anyway - th links you sent me will get me there eventually, I just need to start a few steps earlier.... 😉


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