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What is the reasoned for locking frame rates in the flight simulator.
What are the recommended seatings.
Usually when i fly my frame rates are 25 to 29.
If I Locked them at 20 I think I world be missing something.Your comments please .

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Frame locking is setting your frame rate to only go up to a certain frame rate. This saves PC resources that can be devoted to other sim tasks. If you lock them at 20, You would not see the smooth performance you get at 29. Lock them at 30, thats good, because it wont work the PC too hard to keep them up!

I dont know what your PC setup is, but usually the better your machine, the higher you can set up the frames to be without sacrificing resources, I leave mine at 80 usually, so you get some idea of how it works now?

Any more questions, feel free to drop me a line or post it on here!

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