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Who wants to make a VA?

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Iv always wanted to start my own VA, been playing FS for around 4 years, been in some small VA's but nothing speical

I love flying the, A320 B757 A330 B747 bAe 146, only aircrafts i cant fly propley are the 767-300's

iv got money so a budjet isnt much of a problem, can also make proper sites (No freeweb rubbish)

if anyone is intrested in helping me, or evan giving tips please reply here, or PM me where i'll give u my emai/any other details


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Taylor (Flyboy92) Captain

Well if you decide to go with it good luck!

I just started my own last November, and have slowly been progressing on it. As soon as I get money I hope to get a real domain.. Freewebs makes it hard to layout websites.

Happy Simming


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Nice VA Flyboy92 😀 , starting with one aircraft, not too many routes, an easy site to navigate, i think airbourne could learn a lot from you ! If i was'nt so committed to the one i fly for, i may have just signed up 😂 .
There have been a few through here in the past that have started with every aircraft in the book 🙄 , and disappeared just as quick. I wish you luck, i'd really like to see yours succeed 😀 !

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hello im interested in helping you create you Va i've started my own VA with BMI but due to legal issues I've been forced to ask their permission for that and im still waiting to hear a reply from them but if you want my help i leave here my e-mail 😀

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