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Eurojet Virtual Airline Fleet is Born

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Some shots of my new virtual aliner EuroJet with its first member of the fleet A320 made by Isaac from Oasis virtual who has done a simpley amazing job with the aircraft, from the design to the finnish touches, his been very pacient very understanding and the aircraft has turned out better than i falt, enjoy the shots, ill post more about the VA soon on the VA page, i fully recommend Isaac if u need an aircraft paint.

Seccond member of the Fleet to be born is the B757-200

And the third member is the B737-800

there is one more aircraft comming wich will finnish the fleet for this month, this will be here by 12th Febz, website / more details on VA section tommrow

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thanks man dont know whats up with those pink line down the top middle of the plane its a ifdg thing but glad i could help

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lol i think you'll find there jus the shadows of the sun reflecting on the over side

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