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Hello eveyone, just abit of information about my new virtual airliner that was born yestoday 😀 9/2/09.

Eurojet is a virutal airliner for FSX/FS2004, we aim to give the best virtual expiernece we can, from online flying, to single player tasks, to cargo flights, and VATSIM

This is my first virtual airliner as iv allways wanted to make one but havent had enouth cash to really do it, but nows my chance, any suggestions/comments and more than welcome

Our website is , as u can see our website is still under construction should be finnished and fully working by 15th of Febuary

We are Of course Recuriting , please dont go to ''join us'' on the site at the moment as we are constructing our own signup system, insted please send an email to and ill reply within 10 hours, we are looking for all diffrent sort of people, from pilots, ATC , trainers, Website Helpers, 2 More Admin places left (contact me via email)(We also offer great training expierence exp for FSX with (Share aircraft)

The current administration places are also open for aplication (Experience Nessesery)

3 Hub Captians.
2.Flight Sim Trainers
1. Administration Of ATC

so Yep thats about it all 🙂


Matt - EUJ001

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