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i have a nvidia geforce 8600 gt graphics card and any one give me a good tweak for fs9 and fsx my graphics are not up to mutch i would be grateful or any help on this thanks.

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Hmm, Don't know, I have the same card and my Graphics are pretty good, not as good as say FSX, but that's not the card's fault. Try playing with the screen resolution settings, I found that my graphics looked a lot better by adjusting this in the display settings of FS2004.

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Try installing nHancer, that should give you a bigger range of 'setting' tweaks.

Look at the resolution of your monitor, I always fly at 1680 x 1280 because I can but reducing the resolution does give better performance in some cases. If you fly in cloudy weather, reduce the quality of the clouds.

Also look at your fs9.cfg file. The default one is not the greatest and there are many threads here and on other websites with suggestions on what to change.

Have fun!

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