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Best Order to Install Add-ons?

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Hi - doing a complete re-format of my PC since it has a few issues, and my FS2004 is overloaded with add-ons too and I want to strip everything back and start again....

....but I just wondered if anyone had any advice for which order to install terrain, mesh and other scenery for best results?

My guess - and it is only a guess - would be to work from the "Ground Up" so to speak....mesh first, then terrains, then any other add-on scenery, then environment add-ons like water, sky etc, and finally aircraft packages and other bits and bobs.....

Is there a better way to do it? Or does it really matter at all?

In case it's relevant, I run FS2004 on a high-end PC where graphics power - as far as FS2004 is concerned - is not an issue.

Cheers all,


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