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Hi, I've got the active camera demo few month ago and just wondering if someone have brought full version because I need active camera full version very bad. If you could send me one in PM that will be great, please help really need it. Thanks.

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Why don't you pay the registration key fee for the demo upgrade? It is simple enough - I've just done it. Or are you asking someone to breach the software agreement that they have made with Active Camera?

Guest FEM Guest

You know what I would like to know...why would you post a topic like that on a public forum where the activecamera dudes can see it, they could track your IP, and give you hell! I have it, and it's worth paying question is also, what do you need it so bad for that you are risking breaching legal contracts just to get a stupid program

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jelami First Officer

I guess it has been said, just di the right thing man

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

lol, "the council hath spoken" 😛

Guest Ed Guest

I agree with the sentiments expressed "by the council," but isn't the "No-CD crack" that I see talked about so much really the same thing? It allows you to play the game without having a "legal" copy? More than one person could install from the same set of CD's, install the crack and run the sim?

I'm just askin',


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tomthetank Chief Captain

The Nocd crack thing has been talked about many times,not only here at Flyaway,but every other fs forum
Most users want the crack just so they can protect the original product,which they have bought and paid good money for it
I used to use it for 1 reason,that being to protect MY PROPERTY (F Censored whatever the small print says about it still belonging to MS.I paid for it,plus I had an earlier version EXPLODE in MY CDRW drive which cost ME more ££$$)
When MS released the FS9 patch(they called it an update ROFL )They fixed several things that they screwed up,the main one being the way autogen used to work,plus they said that if you ran the sim with any nocd patch you would loose the benifit of the update
So,like many other fs9 users we sought a new way to fly untill the hackers(yep thats what they are Hack ) fixed the nocd crack,which was done in a day or two(stuff uncle Bill Ha Ha )

the way I now run fs9 is that I have created a virtual cd in a virtual cd drive and yes I still breaking the law as laid down by Microshaft

Merry Censored Christmas Uncle Bill

Its Ok.I feel better now

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

TTT, very well spoken!

Have you ever seen the Family Guy where Peter meets up with Uncle Bill and a bunch of other high rollers? It's hilarious! heh, off topic, but still, was funny 😛

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tomthetank Chief Captain

😕 Sorry never seen the TV prog 😕 Will look out for it though
I dont get much time for TV these days,I often scan the listings,looking for something to take my fancy on Discovery or similar channel,but if there is a soap on,she who must be obeyed will be in charge of the remote
I could always watch in another room though

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

haha, i know how that is, whenever my grandma comes, she always watches her soaps. I try to avoid TV for some reason. I have all the Family Guys on my PC, and i'm plannin on getting the Rammstein Live Aus Berlin DVD, so will watch that down in my "dungeon" (PC is in basement to stay cold)

R1co Guest

hmmm.... you could take E-mule for that, that should work nicely🙂

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

hey now...none of that..only shared music 😛

seriously, be careful with stuff liek taht said over a forum, can give people the wrong idea botut i

Rogerio Guest

I bought the active camera. I Never, never could use it!!!
I do not know why.
The developer tryied to solve the problem but the problem is there.
(sorry my english, ok?)
I have the Microsoft Sidewider Joystick (precision 2) that may be the cause of the problem...

Do yours use the mouse with active camera?

Any one use joystick to "walk" around the airplane or inside cabin?
The joy have one small piece, like a circle, that we use to change the views on FS, but may there some conflicts with the mouse, because all settings of active camera seems don't work...

I have airplanes with cabins (MAAM, PMDG) and never could see the cabin interior...

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

If you have not changed the settings, hit ALT, then go through the top menu untill you find the ActiveCamera menu. Then mouse over it, and a new menu will pop up. Make sure the "Iterior Pilot View is checked, as well as the "Use mouse in Spot View." Then, to move around, in the VIRTUAL CABIN, make sure Num Lock is ON, and use the NumPad Arrows to move, mouse to look by holding down the MIDDLE MOUSE WHEEL.

Hope it helpds

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