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Hey uhh, how does autopilot work exactly? I get up into the air and i want to fly to my desitnation and i dunno how to get set up to land and get there and all this a newb to this by the way..

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You can either program it to follow a chosen destination via GPS or you can set a course, speed and altitude to follow. But whatever you chose, you should read at least some of the information about it in the learning center.

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o yea, i forgot about the learnin center, graicas

funny pie Guest

alright, one more quesiton, how do you move around looking in the virtual cockipit?

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Laze Trainee

try the Hat Swtich 😀

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or the number keys on the keypad. 6=right, 4=left, 8=up, and 2=down. Num Lock must be off for this. (if flying without and joystick or with a joystick without a hat switch)

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