introduction about ourselves let get to know each other

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chrishoddsy Trainee

here is were we can get to know each other if we goin to work as a team lets make it a good one

hello there my name is chris i live in cleethorpes north east lincs i am 24 and i currently work for transpennine express my hobbies are to fly my model planes (3 of) i also like to teach new members how to fly on microsoft flight sim x me and my friend run a virtual airline on fsx multiplayer called manchester virtual thts it basically so come on peeps lets hear bout you all 😀

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Tony Forrest (Tony-YSSY) Trainee

Hi all,

I am Tony from Woy Woy in Australia and probably the newest on the team, just confirmed today. I have over 5000 hours virtual aviation experience, 3000 of that with VATSIM online and 250 hours real time on light aircraft.

I am with a virtual airline called Noble Air and am the Assistant Hub Captain for the Australian Hub.

Looking forward to working with you all.

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Kaida Elisabeth (Heidy_Beth) Trainee

Heidy, KGLW.

FS9, FSX, MSTS, CFS3, Falcon 4 AF, Mechwarrior.

Livewire Airlines, FS Economy.

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chrishoddsy Trainee

hi peeps nice to meet you all i am a newbie my self and i looking forward to helping any 1 with any probs speak soon peeps take care


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Dewey Trainee

Howdy folks....

New to the forums and doing a little reviewing of the posts. Just confirmed by Ryan and looking forward to posting a little information now and then.

I'm an old timer by just about everyone's standards. Been around for quite a while. Retired from general aviation and corporate flying in 1981 with a little over 8000 hours in various types of aircraft as Chief Pilot, Instructor for land and sea multi/single engine, IFR etc. etc.

Have flown flight simulators since FS98. Little rusty on real world flying but be glad to help any way I can. also ready to learn anything I can.

Dewey 😀

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sisyphus Trainee

Hi all.

I'm John from Sydney, Australia formerly of Basildon in Essex.

I was approved the other day.

I have been mucking about with FS since the first one so I've seen a lot of changes. Some good and some not so good.

Interests are many and varied but all revolve round computers and how they work.

Look forward to working with you once I learn what the hell I've got myself into 😂

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CrazyGrandpa Trainee

I'm Joe From California. I see most of you all are from other countries. That's cool. I'm sure we all will be talking a lot on here. I might be the oldest on here. Let's just say that I could be for some of you a grandpa. Hence my screen name.

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Bryant Stewart (B_Stewart) Trainee

Bryant from South Carolina. I'm a current flight instructor part-time. I work for an aircraft engineering company writing STC's full-time. Been using MS Flightsims for quite a while. Tried X-Plane and didn't care for it. Mainly just use FlightSim X now. Looking forward to working with all of you.

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Tracker5150 Trainee

Hello everyone.
My name is John I am in Concord, California. I am really the oldest one here I retired from the Canadian Navy as a pilot in 1962, Boy that seems like a long time ago. I am single and multi-engine rated although not current on my Medical. I have been flying simulators since I was in the navy, Have flown the c-17 phase 4 simulator at Travis AFB, great experience there. I have been flying MS sims since they first came out. Hope I will be able to contribute something worthwhile to this effort.

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dp8dawg Trainee

Hi everybody my name is John from North Carolina and I have recently been confirmed to be an editor. My hobbies are varied but I spend a great deal of time working with flight simulators and flying games. Some that I have used are FS98, FS2000, FS 2002, FSX w/Acceleration, CFS (complete line),and IL2. I started playing Air Warrior, which at the time was a great game, and ended the series with AW3. For the last 8 years I have been messing around with different aircraft models, creating flight schedules for AI, and modifying airports to get the most out of my FS gaming experience. I look forward to working with everyone on improving the experiences that flightsimmers can enjoy.

John M.

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MonsoonMally Trainee

Hi All!

I'm Paul in Farnborough UK. A flight sim (and general PC game) fan.

In the coming weeks I hope to write my first piece, about building systems and optimizing from scratch, for those who would normally be unsure of 'messing' with their system.

All I need is now Vista SP2 to be released, so that I can go through the process myself again, first.......

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nick0129 Trainee

hey everyone I'm a new editor here at fly away. i hope i can get to you guys and I'm glad of be part of the team.

Fsx,Fs9,combat sim, flight student


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Ken Kirsch (KanadaKen) Trainee

Ken here from Toronto, Canada (CYYZ).

Flying FS since 1986! Built my own cockpit this year with Triple Head to Go, 4 screens and many GoFlight modules. Have many many addons for FSX.

Landscape Artist by profession, see; (

Looking forward to reviewing and writing some articles of interest, and hearing from all of you as well.




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Russell (taztek) Trainee

Hello to everyone, I am new here.
I have a military aircraft background being ex Fleet Air Arm though not as aircrew.
I work in the Rail Industry with an engineering consultancy.
I am based in Derby although my nearest airport is Birmingham (EGBB).
I have been working in Sydney Australia (YSSY) since January but return to the UK in May 2009.

My flight sim experience started with various combat sims and then FS2004 and now I am using FSX, I have always "played at" flight sims but intend to get serious when I am back in the UK.
I am looking forward to contributing to the team.

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Claus Erbs (erbzi) Trainee

Hi - I'm Claus from Denmark.

I'm 47 - and recently quit my job (been in the computer business for about 25 years) to become a fulltime foster parent..... I use all the time I can spent on my computer - especially MS flight simulators, which I've been a big fan of since I can remember! In all I'm a big fan of anything concerning aviation. I'm looking forward to learn to know you guys and work with you. Proud to be part of the team 😂


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W3CPR First Officer

Hi All... My name is George (W3CPR), I am 74 years old and I live in Allentown PA. I love to work with the airplanes in FS2004 and fly them. I especially like downloading them and then putting in the necessary panel gauges in order to bring the planes up to modern requirements. I also like to modify the aircraft.cfg files as well. I have been working on the aircraft in FS2004 for several years now and have approximately 180 different aircraft in the collection along with 16 landable aircraft carriers, all with the arrestor cables and 13 aircraft with tailhooks. I find many many aircraft that are not complete from the author's and have to be brought up to snuff for modern compliance. I enjoy flying under ILS conditions with 1/8th mile visibility and fog and clouds down to the ground, even on the aircraft carriers. Modifying the aircraft makes the hobby much more interesting. A lot of the aircraft have no radio but I don't think anyone these days would venture to fly without one. The programs I use are Flight Simulator Panel Studio and AFCAD. My previous work was as a field engineer for my own company. We designed weather satellite ground stations and placed them all around the world. Prior to that the highlight of my career was as a ground communicator between the command service module and the lunar excursion module on the Apollo 17 mission located on Ascension Island.

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