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Please help! I am about to reformat my HD because my monitor goes black and sits for a couple of seconds when I start SIM and after I close SIM; when I log on and log off the computer.
I am using Radeon video card and in the past, I was advised to download a new update (device driver) from ATI.
I downloaded and installed the drivers and that’s when the problem started. I uninstalled and deleted the entire folder in c:\program file and removed all files or entries from the registry. But unfortunately the problem still exists...I was foolish not to have a backup device until today so OH well I am going to lose it all I don't have $$ at this moment.
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If you didn't have the problem before updating the driver, try rolling back the driver. That's an option in the Device Manager-- select the Display Adapter button, choose your video card, right click and select "Properties," click the "Driver" tab, and select "Roll Back Driver." That will get you back to the driver that you had before.



I un-installed every thing and re-installed and it didn't make any change.
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