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The Editors Guide (as requested)

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Code: Editors Guide
This is a simple guide for editors of Fly Away Simulation.  You may source articles from where you wish, but if you use articles directly from other websites without editing them, you must add "Source: The website name" at the foot of the article.  Editors are encouraged to modify sourced articles with a different title and edited article text.

Once you have logged into your account at Fly Away you may submit new articles here:
The URL provided in the Editors Guide by email

You need to post a few sentences of the story in "Story Text" then submit the rest of the article in "Extended Text".  Please remove all HTML formatting before pasting the articles.  We need plain text.  The easiest thing to do would be to paste the article in Notepad or Textedit on OS X and then copy and paste it from there.  If you don't, you will simply be re-directed back to the Fly Away homepage.

You may add a link related to the article, for example a link to the Boeing site - but please don't link to the source of the article, simply mention them at the foot of the article by "Source: The source name".  Links only belong in the Extended text section.

You may also add an image if you wish using the form.  Images should be no wider that 400px and only belong in the "Extended Text" section.

Articles should be written in plain English with correct punctuation and spelling.

You can talk to fellow editors in the editors forum here:

If you have any problems or questions, please contact

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Flyaway wrote:

Editors Guide
This is a simple guide for editors of Fly Away Simulation.

Nice gesture Ryan... better late than never. However, since the Editors Forum is obviously a part of the whole gamut of Forums I would have thought that non-Editors i.e. Members who have supported your site for years deserve to be addressed as well. By excluding ordinary Members you are causing confusion and regardless of which angle this new enterprise might be looked at, it doesn't make sense.


You can talk to fellow editors in the editors forum here:

It follows that if I wish to pose a question to MonsoonMally regarding his post in this thread

MonsoonMally wrote:

...In the coming weeks I hope to write my first piece, about building systems and optimizing from scratch, for those who would normally be unsure of 'messing' with their system...

...I'd have to start a new topic (seeing that I'm not an Editor) in a different forum (which one?) and for the sake of coherency provide a link in my post to MonsoonMally's post.

Well, who am I to criticize... just say: "Yes, that's how it's gonna work" and I'll be happy, you won't here from me again.

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Existing members (such as yourself) have the chance to become editors after applying by e-mail. An invitation was sent out to everybody who was subscribed to the Fly Away Newsletter. If you opted out of this (I'm guessing you did), you would have received no invitation. If you are interested, please contact regarding this.

At the moment, everybody with a valid Fly Away account has the chance to discuss topics with the editors here. Discussions in this forum must be related to editing in some way (discussion of articles, editorials, personal introductions... etc).

Best Regards,


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Thanks for clarifying these matters Ryan, particularly the question whether or not Members could discuss topics in the Editors Forum...

The grapevine rumours claimed that the Editors Forum would soon be closed anyway which had the scent of silly, unnecessary secrecy about it.

Thank you and regards to you 😎

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