F-16 for FSX/acceleration that works ?

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Looking for an F-16 for windows vista FSX w/acceleration.
the f-16s i have tried all have opauqe canopys. Do not know how to convert bmp. files to dds. so I need something ready for FSX ? New to FSX and have now found a problem i can not get around or just figure out.
Love My new TrackIr 4. Head tracking rocks. Really frees up the hands/mouse.

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There's a payware F-16 by Aerosoft. It costs $33.39 USD as of today. Fully compatible with FSX, though.

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EEEk. $33.00 bucks. Better come with a years supply of fuel and a extra set of tires .LOL
Oh well. I dont mind paying for other peoples hard work. I'll check it out and save a few bucks for a working F-16.
Thanks for the Heads Up.

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