Bad data from stats server error

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When i start multiplayer through FSX's gamespy, it says "bad data from Stats server" However this issue just started! I was playing on it earlier today. This is just frustrating that now i cannot play multiplayer.
Thanks for your help

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I just phoned Microsoft technical support in India. They informed me that they are performing maintenance on the server and to try again in 24 hours. (5:50 PM Pacific Standard Time)

However, they also told me that some players are able to access multi-player. I suppose they could have more than one server.

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hey faceing the same problem...and its just werid!! i mean i use to sing alot in month June and July but now this month September i dont know what is going on with the fsx server not working and giveing me that message about "bad data from stats server" or "ur not connected to the internet or lost connection!!"....if some one has any idea about it or what is going on pls inform us...or what is the sultion for this problem....anyway hop it get fixed.........

My regards.

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That's a new one to me. Normally it just gives that error saying you logged in somewhere else and you got signed out.

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Now i am for the first time getting bad data from stat server, i was hosting a multiplayer session in fsx and got the message that i had lost connection to gamespy, i continued the session as the other folks were still in the game and after a few minutes my game crashed, when i try to log back in all i get is bad data from stat server....really frustrating

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Same. Hopefully it's just maintenance or something and they didn't just pull the plug.

Edit: Seems to be working again.

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