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Phillip A Ellis (sparks500kc) Trainee

Try out the Bell 205-1 Crop Duster located on this site under fs2004 downloads, catagory helicopters.
This is the most relistic and easy to fly helicopter I have found anywhere on the Internet.
Real easy on the frame rate.
I am using a dell b110 with 2 gig of ram and a Gforce6200 video card.
Nothing fancey and I love the way this model works on fs 2004.
The model has relistic controlabel spray effect and good detail inside and out.
Try it out for your self ,its realy fun.

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aa8vs Trainee

I downloaded it and installed based on documentation and absolutely no hangups at all. When I fired up the create a flight and selected it I noticed nothing was working right... I had forgotten to plug in the joy stick my bad.

Took a couple of tours around the local airport [so to speak] and found out I am a little rusty, but flight sim model works very well. Good detail, sounds and responsive. Good job on the software module!

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Tailhook Chief Captain

I agree, the Flight Dynamics are easy on the stress levels - handles extremely well and is a pleasure to fly. Now if I could only find more recent, good looking textures and lose the spraying thingies 😛

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Ken Kirsch (KanadaKen) Trainee

Love Heli's???
Try the new Heli Traffic 2009 for FSX/FS9.
Adds flying and landing heli's to existing heli-pads, and /or you can add your own with schedules for police, traffic, NewsTV, Hospitals and sightseeing etc...
Heli Traffic 2009 by Flight 1 software. Cool!


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