planes are suddenly mis-labeled!

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Hello all!!
Sorry if this has been posted before, I couldnt find a similar topic....

I recently added a few planes from various sites. After opening FSX, most of the planes were labeled wrong.
Never had this occur before.
The last plane I added was a P-51 that had three schemes...its works great, and I beleive it was the last add-on I did...
Now under the pics of the planes, they are labeled as another plane...
Obviously I didnt go in and move the thumbnails....

Could it be that the P-51 was for FS9? I can't imagine how it would have disturbed other airplane files.

Thank you in advance...

Tom W.

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It's a tricky one ...

You should really only install one add-on at a time and test it thoroughly before you install another one. This way you'll know instantly if something is wrong and you can get rid of the troublesome add-on.. no use keeping it.
At this stage it is difficult to troubleshoot. Whether or not the P-51 was for fs9 only you know. If it is payware it most likely came with a self installer. Those can do terrible things to your sim. To my knowledge there is no freeware P-51 native to FSX yet. Of course, you'll find "updated for FSX" P-51s but with those updated ones you really have to scrutinize the aircraft.cfg in particular because many of the prolific "Upgraders" haven't got a clue what they're doing.

Now under the pics of the planes, they are labeled as another plane...

A screenshot could help throwing some more light on the problem.

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