Concorde from flight simulator x

matibernard Trainee

Hi !
I have a problem with a concorde.
When I start engines (Ctrl+E), I can't move.
Help me, please!

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RadarMan Chief Captain

If it's the same one I had, the read-me tell you to go to another aircraft (using the tool bar) start it and go back to the Concorde.
Check the read-me.


matibernard Trainee

I was checked and it's the some.

matibernard Trainee

I'm sorry it's good. Thank you so much

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HIGHSTAR27 Trainee

damn it happened 2 me 2 i need help the engines get hyped up but im not moving

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n7xlq1 First Officer

Like Radarman said, start in the 172 with engines on, then switch to the concorde. This is for

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