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Greetings all I am Joseph and I fly with CFS3, FS9, and FSX. I have 3 computers set up with 4 19 inch flat screens, one 24 inch HD monitor also flat, and my laptop finishing up the job. Wide-screen is great. I Was just recently confirmed by Ryan and am happy to be part of this whole thing.
I have plenty of advice on computer configuration, ways to run the FS programs faster, which download work best and which ones dont work at all.
I Have a huge collection of add-ons collected over the last 4 years.
I grew up with a father who was building Phantom's at McDonald Douglas at the time of my birth, and spent the rest of his life working for Honeywell.
I am disabled so I spend a great many hours a day sitting in front of my computers.
I use a Siatek x-52 Pro set-up, currently waiting on my rudder pedals.
I hope I can be of some help or service to someone and can find some news articles that is new news.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or problems.

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Welcome to the forums Joseph! 🍻

It's nice to meet a new member who isn't a n00b if you know what I mean. I already have a question you might be able to help me with, please check out my topic here:

Back to topic - opportunity for others to welcome you in this thread.

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Welcome to the forums bro 😀

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