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I was eager to try FSX but have decided to stay with FS9 (2004). This was because I had some issues with FSX (below), it would be great if someone can convince me to switch.

I prefer to fly in instrument panel view, which allows me to see and handle all the controls, switches e.t.c in a single screen display. In FS9 instrument panel I can adjust the forward view up or down – which is essential to see the runways during landings (shift-backspace or shift-enter). Unfortunately FSX instrument panel view does not allow moving the forward view up and down and allows it only in the virtual cockpit view (consequently in FSX you need to be in the virtual cockpit when landing). But! to reach some switches and the controls (AP and others) in the virtual cockpit requires first to change the view to different sections of the panel (shift+9 for example to handle the switches in the right panel section and then shift+8 to look forward again). Changing the views is the last thing I want to do when landing and when I need to concentrate looking forward (seeing the runway). Apart from that, the virtual cockpit view in FSX needs a lot to be desired - Airbus for example looks very toyish and out of scale– not compared to FS9’s B777, which resembles the real airplane’s cockpit.

In FS9 with the scenery sliders to full, 200 other airlines from WOI buzzing around, flying in a very dense real weather and dense areas – New York City for example, I can easily pull 30 fps everywhere – nice and smooth flying. FSX with sliders only ½ full, with just the standard AI traffic and few clouds pulls jumpy 15 fps (–) really disappointing. I do not have a gigantic rig as some call it, but got reasonable 512 Navida Video Card, 4Gb RAM, 2.5 Gh processor on 64bit Windows Vista Premium. I think this should allow for the latest Flight Simulator to work ‘normally’ or with acceptable fpss - it does not seem to.

FSX scenery is really not big change from my FS9 scenery. Perhaps it is because I cannot move FSX sliders too high since below 10 fpm flying is not sensible. FS9 scenery is more than acceptable mainly since it flows smoothly with high fpms below you.

This was the biggest turn-off. After trying FSX few times and once exiting it, my desktop got distorted. The icons got bigger and out of shape. My Vista Premium desktop sidebar was totally out of scale with the clock in a large oval, instead of being round. My high-resolution screen density reduced and I could actually see the dots in it. This stayed even after I rebooted my PC – I feared that FSX messed up my Windows operating software and that I would need to redo the full system re-image. Finally I called HP and it took 2 hours discussing and fixing this fault with the technician, before it finally got resolved. The video card driver had to be reinstalled again and number of other procedures had to be done before the fix. I subsequently de-installed FSX and stayed with the safe FS9. Do not really want any software to mess up with my PC.

Note that I work in aviation and piloting is partially my profession. I am using FS for number of years and it is amazingly realistic - right now I cannot fault FS9 and really enjoy it. In spite of all above I would like to switch to FSX, so any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong would be much appreciated.


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Everything you mention is hardware (CPU) related wait until you get a new computer a few years down the road and then you see why most of us are staying with FSX and not looking back.


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While there is a large group of people that will absolutely agree with you on FS9 being better than FSX, many of the problems you describe do have solutions.

-I usually fly in the VC, but I do find it surprising that there's no key command for adjusting the viewpoint in the panel view! My solution would be to adjust the different view windows; either move the instrument panel down or resize it to make it easier to see over and then extend the outside view window to give you a full view of the runway.

-You can't judge the sims by comparing 2 random addon aircraft-- There are many absolutely gorgeous and realistic addon aircraft to be found for FSX. A toyish looking aircraft is a reflection on the person who designed that aircraft, not the sim.

-The FPS issue sucks, but the solution is to spend time tweaking the advanced settings until you get a framerate you are comfortable with that also gives you the eye candy you want. Some things will hurt your framerate more than others; AI traffic kills your FPS very quickly, especially if you turn it much higher than 10% or so, but the texture detail slider can be set pretty high before it starts hurting you. One big difference between FSX and FS9 is that FSX will let you crank the sliders up WAYYY too high for even the highest end systems; notice how the setting the traffic slider to ultra-high in the basic settings only sets the AI traffic to like 10% in the advanced? Half of full is still pretty freakin high compared to anything in FS9. My bet is that if you spend a little time tweaking, you'll get something at decent framerates that looks better than FS9 did...

-FSX scenery is kinda ugly, but there are plenty of addons for that.

- As far as your display, that sounds like a resolution issue. I'd say either try running in windowed mode, or double check that FSX is set to run at the same resolution that your monitor is.

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I can get 30 fps with XP Pro, Pentium 4 2.6 Ghz, 2 gb of ram, 250 gb hard drive. ATI 800 Pro 256 mb ram. What happens to mine is the fram rate seems to drop when I am in ground effect. In other words if I am taxing the frame rate might drop to lets say 10 or 15. When I rotate for the takeoff the framerate goes up eventually to 30 it doesn't stay there but it doesn't drop below 15 in most caes flying a default air craft 737 or Cessna. True enough my CPU is probably on its last legs I installed everything in Dec of 2003. I keep the drivers up to date.

Just more information in case somebody else has the same issues. Oh by the way FSX is the flight sim I am talking about.

Thank you

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