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Welshflyer Captain have our Avatars deleted to only have a choice of the crap that is now on offer? I just wondered 😕 Was there a notification that there were going to be changes or was it a case of you have two choices "like it or lump it"?

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Because of avsim going down, all the larger download sites are being hammered by members.
It temporarily knocked our forums avatar "section" out of whack.
It will be fixed in due time.
It's an unusual occurance so...a while????

Thanks for your patience.


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Welshflyer Captain

AAAHHH!!!!! I did'nt think about that, sorry if i sounded a bit Bolshy! Embarassed

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

But... my poor squirrel! He's thirsty!!!! 🤔

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