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Saturday, 23 May 2009 16:53

IPG Virtual Airlines is pleased to announce the following opportunites with our airline. Please check back often as this list could change at any time.

Now Hiring Line Pilots

This opening never expires. We are always looking for pilots.

Now Hiring Airline Staff Positions

To apply for any of the below positions please submit resume on our website

Hub Managers The Hub Manager is primarily concerned with the well being of the pilots within their hub. By innovatively operating within airline policies and objectives and in coordination with other staff, the Hub Manager should make every effort possible to make flying for Oasis Virtual Airlines interesting, challenging, and fun. Administratively, the Hub Manager is responsible for the approval of all hub pilot reports, month-end management reports (statistical maintenance of personnel and operations within their hub), and coordination of transfers, new hires and training of new and established pilots alike.

Director of Human Resources The Director of Human Resources is directly responsible for handling all day to day operations regarding pilot acquisition, transfers, promotions, bonuses, and terminations.

Director of Information Technology The Director of Information Technology is responsible for the management, implementation, and updating of all information technology resources of the airline to include but not limited to: website, forums, VAFS/VCAS interface, and email. He/she reports to the Vice President, Administrative Services. This position will require 2-3 hours a week in addition to the minimum monthly flight requirements

Director of Flight Standards and Training The Director of Flight Standards and Training is responsible for the administration and maintenance of the voluntary training program for the airline. Updates, maintains and administers standardized (i.e. checklists) procedures for their respective aircraft program. Complete an audit of all training areas at least once annually to make sure that they are within the program standards, and adjust if necessary. Make in independent audit of a cross section of pilot reports posted (does not approve or disapprove) for their respective aircraft program to make sure that 1) aircraft safety parameters (i.e. speeds, range, altitudes, loading) are being met, and 2) aircraft are being operated within the program and airline standard operating procedures. Create and maintain a standard reference library for the operations and training of their respective aircraft type. Schedule all voluntary training for pilots seeking such.

Director of Regional Operations - Canada The Director of Regional OPS - Canada is responsible for ensuring that all hubs in his/her geographical region operate at maximum efficiency. This position is responsible for the oversight of pilot and flight operations, reporting and observing the practices and efficiency first hand of all the hubs within their region. Provides suggestions, encouragement, and recommendations to improve or maintain performance. Also responsible for the oversight of hub reporting by rotating through each hub within their region and observing their practices and efficiency first hand. Acts as interim Hub Manager in cases of leave or vacancy; Acts as interim Hub Manager in cases of leave or vacancy; makes recommendation to Vice President, Flight Operations for replacement of any vacant Hub Manager positions. Also makes recommendation to the Vice President, Flight Operations for replacement of any vacant Hub Manager positions.

Director of Corporate Events The Director, Corporate Events is responsible for establishing, promoting and maintaining hub and airline wide events. Events should be in concert with larger scale events on networks such as VATSIM and should showcase airline strengths and pilot accomplishments. Develops and plans airline events, such as but not limited to: group flights, fly-ins, and aerial demonstrations. Responsible to create a system wide corporate event every month, and a HUB focus event every week. Establishes communication with and fosters positive relations with various Air Traffic Managers and subordinate staff at all Air Route Control Centers to accomplish these responsibilities. He/she reports to the Vice President, Support Services for details folks

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