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Keusk Charters has officially gone public.

We have a totally realistic financial plan, you won't find more realistic financials in the VA world. Kesuk is based out of Fairbanks Alaska flying only turbo props. We are based on simplicity and fun.

We track aircraft insurance, landing fees, deicing,pilot pay,fuel,lodging and much more.

If your looking for a great 2nd or 3rd VA then give us a try.

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A nice looking site and i may even have been interested until...VATSIM....not everyone wants to talk to their PC while the wife is watching TV Embarassed . You can still fly under ACARS without using VATSIM, i think that's where a lot of VATSIM only VA's fail, it put a lot of perspective new members off!
It would have been interesting flying around Alaska in turboprops, but i'm not about to start talking to my PC while the wife is watching her soaps, she'll think i'm nuts! 😛

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